Every year, it seems like May gets more and more chaotic for families, especially for us moms. Between end-of-school-year parties, graduations, Teacher Appreciation, showcases, final performances, end-of-season activities for youth sports, field days, and summer vacation preparation, it’s safe to say that moms are all multitasking and running on adrenaline-infused fumes.

No matter how hard you prepare or how “Type A” you are, something is always bound to slip through the cracks. This inevitably leads to the dreaded “Mom-guilt” because we just feel like we are not enough.

We start to lose confidence in our abilities, which can suck the joy out of these fleeting milestone occasions. We wonder, “who decided that I am the one qualified to lead my family through this crazy season?”

Well, God did. The creator of the world; the one who designed us to experience joy, fulfillment, and peace, all while acknowledging that we would also experience hardship, temptation, and loss – He knows that you CAN do this!

If you are feeling like you are not enough, please watch Julie Richard’s Mother’s Day message for a reminder about your true identity through stories about Encanto, fireworks, re-decorating, Moses, and more!

As she says, “Do it Yourself, or DIY, doesn’t necessarily mean DIBY, or do it BY yourself.” You are NOT alone, Mom! God is with you and for you, and so are we! Let’s lean in and finish the school year with joy and strength!