You may have heard me say that the goal is accurate thinking, not just positive thinking. To live the life you’re created to live, understanding and embracing what is true, not just what you want to be true, is mission-critical. So, what I’m going to tell you is accurate and true. Motherhood is more than you can handle. There. I said it. I didn’t want to, but I think you need to know. Motherhood is more than you can handle.

But here’s another statement that is accurate and true: Motherhood is NOT more than God can handle. On your own, you simply cannot tackle all of the responsibilities of motherhood with joy and hope, with strength and dignity. But with God and His help, you definitely can. And you can even enjoy it. It’s not easy. It’s not always fun. But it is possible. With God, ALL THINGS are possible!

Every mom that I know feels overwhelmed and under-equipped. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, you’re looking at motherhood accurately! At Fearless Mom, we say that the appropriate response when considering the responsibility of motherhood is to throw up in your mouth a little. Yes, it’s overwhelming, and yes, you’re under-equipped. On your own. But God promises to help you, to be your Source of strength, hope, joy, love, self-control, wisdom, discernment, and all the things you need to be the mom you’re created to be!

Starting each day in prayer, reminding yourself that God is your Source and that He loves you and your child, can set you up for a great day. I’m so easily distracted (shocker, I know!), so praying specific prayers for my kids each day helps me focus and be intentional in my prayer time. Each day when I spend time in prayer, I’m reminded that God is with me and for me, that He is in control, and that He loves my kids even more than I do. Here’s the prayer plan I’ve been using for years for all of my kids.

MONDAY – Marriage

Dear God, please give him a wife who loves You, him, family, and the local church. It’d be especially awesome if she also loves good food and holidays, too.

TUESDAY – Tenacity

Dear God, please give her spiritual, relational, and emotional tenacity. Help her see the value in choosing GRIT over QUIT.


Dear God, please help him find the way You’ve designed him to go, and give him the courage to be who You’ve designed him to be.

THURSDAY – Thankful Heart

Dear God, please help her to see and be thankful for all that You’ve given her. Remind her to express gratitude every chance she gets.

FRIDAY – Friends

Dear God, please give him friends that push him toward You and Your ways. Give him older men who speak wisdom and common sense into his life.


Dear God, please keep her safe from illness and injury. Protect her body, her heart, and her mind.

SUNDAY – Salvation

Dear God, please reveal to him his need for a relationship with you through Jesus. Help him see the need for finding and staying planted in a church home that teaches Your word.

So, yes, motherhood is more than you can handle. It’s more than I can handle. It’s more than anyone can handle. But it’s not more than God can handle. And He is with you and for you. Motherhood is NOT more than you can handle with his help. He has called you to it, and He’ll equip you for it! He will fill in the gaps when you fall short. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 19:26,

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

With God, everything is possible. With God, parenting with joy and hope is possible. With God, parenting with strength and dignity is possible. With God, enjoying parenting is possible. You can do this, Mom. You’ve got this because God’s got you!

Want a downloadable prayer card? You can get it HERE. Better yet, after you get yours, send it to a mom friend. Remind her that she’s not alone and that God is with her and that God is for her!