Healthy You: Understanding Yourself – Julie Richard

We are SO PUMPED for this week’s topic and all that it includes! There are a few steps to this week’s Fearless Friday because it includes a FEARLESS PERSONALITY PROFILE.

  1. First…watch the attached personality video setup (above).
  2. Second…print & complete the attached FEARLESS PERSONALITY PROFILE documents.
  3. Third…watch the Healthy You lesson from this week (below)!
Everything is about discovering more about who YOU are and understanding yourself, which is why we have the Fearless Personality Profile as a part of this lesson. Here’s a little more information on the profile:
The ASSESSMENT is just step one of the process…it’s simply an opportunity to consider how you approach and respond to various situations. There are NO WRONG ANSWERS…each of us is created UNIQUE! We all think and feel differently…that’s part of what makes life interesting!!! Some people breeze through the assessment, easily choosing one word/phrase that best describes them. Others have difficulty choosing just one…others have difficulty choosing any at all…it’s all part of the process. There are no wrong answers, and there is nothing wrong if it takes you longer to complete the assessment. 

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