Kinder Send Off

kinder send offT-minus 7 days until K-Day:
Outfit chosen. Kiddo 100% promises to love and wear this exact outfit on the 1st day of Kindergarten. Chances said kiddo actually wears this outfit: 12%. But, we’ve got this.

T-minus 5 days until K-Day:
Look up bus schedules for the 7,000th time and spend approximately 19 hours checking your email waiting for the announcement of which of the 5 amazing teachers will be THE one this year. Find out. Have never heard of her but are instantly in love with her because HELLO she teaches Kindergarten and those people are SAINTS! We’ve got this.

T-minus 3 days until K Day:
Research online what birth months are the most common where parents are holding their kids back a year. Realize that January is not one of them. Begin to panic. Nope it will be fine, she’s 5 ½ and has been begging to go to Kindergarten for 2 years so you cannot hold her back. No biggie. All is well. We’ve got this.

T-minus 2 days until K Day:
WE DO NOT HAVE THIS! Whose idea was this anyway! It’s asinine to ask my sweet baby to be anywhere for 8 hours. The only darn place she is going to be for 8 hours is home with me, bored out of her mind…wishing she was doing something like…recess, (shoot), reading (double shoot) and making new friends. Note to self: must fire inner dialog for inserting rational thoughts when none were wanted.   Ok fine, we’ve got this.

T-minus 1 day until K Day:
Absolutely no one (especially the 5 ½ year old) will leave this house today (except for church) and then it’s straight home to be right next to me. And I mean RIGHT next to me. Like UNCOMFORTABLY awkwardly tied up with me. We’ll watch movies, I’ll feed you candy and you will only leave my side to hit the restroom and to eat occasionally. Otherwise you are at parade rest for hugs, random trips down memory lane and looking through scrapbooks. I’ll pull it together after you go to bed. Deal? Deal. Ok, I’ve got this.

8:35pm same day:
Dear God, I so do NOT have this. I’m not ready. She’s ready but I’m not ready. I mean, she isn’t even fazed by the idea of getting on the bus. She might actually run to the bus. Doesn’t she realize that I will NOT be on the BUS! God I need you to take the wheel here or I’m afraid I might just run this ship aground.

We did it. We got up on time. We dressed in a different outfit than originally agreed upon, we ate a few bites of breakfast, we walked to the bus and she did it. She got right on. And she went. She drove away. And it hit me. I don’t have this. God has it. God will be on that bus, and in her room with her, and he will guide her, and protect her and be the Father/Mother that I could never be for her in this time. It is Him who gives her confidence and who leads her forward without fear and gives her the wings to fly. It’s my job, it’s always been my job, to help guide her but to let God take the wheel.   As I turn back towards home, away from that big yellow bus that’s driving the opposite way from me and look down at my other little person, I’m filled with pure joy! Come on little dude. Let’s go home. We’ve got this.



A little about the author: My name is Heather and I honestly can’t count how many times I’ve heard Julie speak at Fearless Mom and felt my life change in an instant! I mean 20/20 Parenting, come on…that’s amazing!!! Keeping the next 20 years in mind rather than getting bogged down in the current 20 seconds or 20 minutes gets me through tough times with kiddos often! Especially when my hubby Andrew is out of town or working which he is most days! I’m truly blown away by the Fearless Mom message weekly. I’m a part-time working Momma with her own business, a full time Stay at Home Momma, head chef, chauffeur, boo boo kisser and chief time-outsetter for 2 kiddos. My daughter Charley is 5 going on 13 and my son, Britton, is 2 and wearing 4T clothes. People often ask me if they are twins. Fun fact about me, you’ll never see me in the front row of a Fearless Mom video because I’m back stage working in the tech room. That’s right, if you ever see something misspelled on the screen you can be sure that I’m back stage wondering how in the heck I didn’t see it the first 300 times I read through it. You might even be able to hear me mentally kicking myself. Ha! But seriously, thanks to each and every Fearless Mom out there for taking this journey with us. Growing together into the mothers and wives God created us to be is beyond empowering.

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