Julie_5148_edited-1Julie Richard and her husband Mac founded Lake Hills Church in Austin, TX in 1997. Julie’s experience covers a diverse background which includes: special education, elementary reading, and early childhood and student ministry. Today she has the opportunity to combine her unique experiences and apply all she’s learned to empower moms with skills and tools to actually ENJOY parenting their kids.

With humor and joy, Julie explains the practical, everyday relevance of the Bible. Her passion is marriage and family, believing and teaching that God’s design simply works best!

In addition to leading Fearless Mom, Julie leads SISTERHOOD, a ministry to girls and women of all ages with events of over 1000 women. Julie occasionally speaks at women’s events around the country. She also joins Mac in teaching on special
occasions at LHC, BUT, as much as she loves teaching and serving, her favorite job is
being wife to Mac and a mom to Emily and Joseph.