Cheese, Prints & Mary

My grandmother passed away a few months ago and in preparation for her funeral my parents and I sifted through some old family albums. What a gold mine of priceless memories and family history! I noticed my mom wasn’t in a lot of the photos tucked into all those albums. I paused and quietly questioned her whereabouts. However, I quickly realized where MY passion for photography came from…the first photographer I ever ‘followed’- my mama. My father interrupted my thinking with this statement, “ It’s a shame your kids won’t have albums like these to enjoy because everything is digital these days and nobody prints their photos!” So what can we do to salvage the good’ol days and hard copy photos? Here are some tips I think will help!

  • TAKE PICTURES. They can be candid, not everyone likes to look at the camera and say CHHHEEESSSSEEE. Just focus on remembering to snap a quick photo here and there along this (sometimes not so) beautiful journey. The best camera you have is the one that is easy to grab and use- usually your phone! Don’t get hung up on lugging a big camera around for every trip to the splash pad.
  • BE IN THE PICTURES. Ask dad or grandparents to help you remember to do this. You’ve all read the articles about why you need to be seen in photos blah, blah, blah. Here is my advice, your kids will be laughing at these photos in 20 years anyway because style will have changed – just think about your mother and her 70’s blue eye shadow or 80’s puffy sleeves. Hop on in there you hot mama you.
  • PRINT OUT YOUR PICTURES!! Here is a simple way to complete this- keep a folder on your computer/phone for special photos you want to print. When your favorite printing website has a sale- you are ready to rock and get those prints made! Check shutterfly, mpix or snapfish for deals on prints! Canvas is another fun way to display photos- I tend to use canvas for big milestones as they cost a bit more and stay up longer.

    *One other service I recently discovered and LOVE is chatbooks. A SUPER simple app you download and link to your camera roll, Facebook and/or Instagram. For $8-$15 you get a great mini album of photos-check it out! I personally used this to create our ‘family yearbook’. (A fun quick way to look back at each year’s memories for your family) I have been attempting to create yearbooks for us since we got married (2011). Then life happened and it stayed on my ‘to-someday-get-done’ list for 5 years…literally. So I used the app and in 2 hours I had created and ordered 3 years worth of our yearbooks! #workingonmyweakness #ottertryingtofollowthrough

In Luke chapter 2, even Mary was mentioned to have enjoyed thumbing through the birth album of Jesus. Yes, you read that correctly- Mary printed her precious memories instead of leaving them to get lost in her icloud with the latest fish recipes and selfies with Elizabeth. #squadgoals Ok, Ok- maybe she didn’t take selfies, simmer down. However it IS recorded in Luke 2:19 “but Mary kept all these things (the birth of Jesus) in her heart and thought about them often.” AKA: She would have printed some photos and kept an album to look back on. See that wasn’t too far of a stretch. Get out there, capture your memories and print your favorites! #bringbackprints


A little about the author: Hi friends! I am Ashlee and I run all the social media for #fearlessmom as well as assist with website and weekly emails. I live just outside of Austin with my sweet hubby and our two boys Rhyder age 2.5 and Owen 4 months. I was a professional photographer before I was blessed to be a mommy! I have a passion for seeing other moms become the amazing mother and person God created them to be! Fearless Mom & Julie have given me so much wisdom, truth and confidence that helps shape me daily- I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing team!

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  1. Jennifer Gould
    July 27, 2016 at 8:58 pm (4 years ago)

    Excited to check these things out!