Emily Richard Q&A


What happens when your college classes are cancelled and your coastal town is evacuated due to an impending hurricane? You travel to the safety of your home in Central Texas, of course! And we are so glad Emily Richard did just that! After Julie’s lecture last week, the moms who gather in Austin were blessed with a brief, but powerful impromptu Q&A session between Julie and her daughter Emily, who is currently a senior in college. The conversation was SO GOOD that we decided to share a little summary of their convo with all of our subscribers! Enjoy!

Julie: What was the most important thing your dad and I did to prepare you for school?
Emily: Teaching me that my emotions are awesome but they do not dictate my behavior. I feel things VERY deeply, and you respected this about me but always held me accountable for my behavior.

Julie: As a Strong-Willed Blessing, what advice do you have for moms of SWBs?
Emily: Address the behavior, not the feelings. Teach them that they have to behave and respect your authority no matter how they feel about it.
Julie: I remember you saying to your dad one time that you didn’t always agree with our decisions, but you always trusted that we had your best interest in mind.

Julie: Going back to our most popular lecture series from our first year, Pirate Parenting: Think about the four areas of ARGH – Authority, Responsibility, Gratitude and Honesty. Which one do you think is most important, especially for SWBs?
Emily: Authority. None of the others will come without a respect for authority.
Julie: And TRUST is so important to building a healthy level of respect for authority. I talk about it and I talk about it and I talk about it: the VALUE of LAUGHTER and PLAY. How do you build trust as parents? PLAY with your kids. LAUGH with your kids. Have FUN together. I could talk about the importance of this for the next three hours.

Julie: In your experiences at college, and especially as a leader in your sorority, what are some of the gaps you see among your peers?
Emily: The thing that I encounter most is that girls bring issues to my attention that are emotionally charged and self-centered. They have an inability to see the big picture, or to find value in making decisions that are for the greater good of the sorority.
Julie: I think this comes from a need for connection…which often goes back to their primary circle of connectedness – their families…which again goes back to having fun together as a family.
Emily: Yes! So, the whole leadership team is very intentional about planning activities for our sorority to have fun together and get to know each other better so that by building relationships, they will see value in making decisions that benefit the whole group.
Julie: I think my message to young people today is “Your actions effect others.” Our Fearless Mom t-shirts said “She Laughs” the first year, this year they say “Strength and Dignity” and I think next year’s shirts are going to say, “Your actions effect others.” 

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