Times of Transition

Times of TransitionTis the season! Well, Christmas is a few months away, I know…but NOW is the season to celebrate life…and the transitions in life. They always come…they are always lurking around the corner…they are always necessary…and, we all agree that, they are not always welcomed or easy.

There is a reason why moms show up with sun-glasses on and Kleenex in hand as they deliver their precious ones to the first day of pre-school, or kindergarten, or first grade…There is a reason why moms and dads sport the shades at high school graduation, and when they deliver their now adult children to the college dorm…or walk a daughter down the aisle at her wedding…or hug a son just before he becomes a husband with his bride standing by his side.

Times of transition are some of life’s greatest challenges, and they open our lives and our hearts to some of life’s greatest blessings.  I know, I have lived through many of these transition times…

I am fascinated as I think about the account of the first miracle performed by Jesus. One of the greatest transitions in one’s life, in the family life, is the celebration of marriage and the wedding event itself. The Hebrew wedding was conducted with great attention to detail, much like the celebrations today. Food and drink were an integral part of the ceremony and the feast and celebration. We are told in John Chapter Two about a particular wedding which Jesus attended, where the host ran out of wine…devastated and embarrassed I’m sure.

Jesus, was present and Jesus cared about these life transitions. Jesus took what the host possessed at the moment, six stone water jars used for ceremonial washing, and He replaced the water with the most excellent and the best wine. (John 2:6-11)  

You see, life was Jesus’ idea…it was His handiwork…and I’m convinced that the wedding was perhaps one of His favorite celebrations of transition…

What I have learned is that Jesus is always present in our hearts and in our lives for the transitions we face…for all of the firsts…for pre-school graduation, for kindergarten, middle school, high school graduations, for college, weddings, births, and for our final transition, our homecomings. He is present for the newly-built nest…and He is present for the empty-nest…I know because I have experienced these times.

And what I also know to be true is that God brings people into our lives, with whom we should do life. The local church is the greatest source of encouragement for families as they strive, as we strive to nurture, to teach, and to love our children and one another. I know because I witness this in Fearless Mom and at Lake Hills Church.

So any advice? Absolutely!

  1. Cherish each NOW moment.
  2. Embrace the people God has placed in your life.
  3. Laugh as often as possible.
  4. Trust God with your todays…and your tomorrows.

My dear friends, you beautiful moms and grands, Our LORD adores you and your precious children. I thank God for each one of you…I thank God for the beautiful celebrations of transition in your families…for your children in their transitions, all of them…all of the ‘firsts’ in your lives…all of the transitions throughout your lives…

May I encourage you to draw near to your faithful LORD at all times…May I encourage you to trust your faithful LORD at all times…May I encourage you to remember that HIS first miracle occurred in a life transition… “…and He saved the best till now.” John 2:10

And, I speak with confidence when I tell you, with all my heart…
“Though beautiful the memories may be…With God, the Best is yet to be! ALWAYS!”
May you be blessed and encouraged as you do the life transitions with your precious ones!

Abundant and overflowing joy,


A little about the author: Hello Precious Ones, my name is Deborah Meyer. I have the pleasure of being a part of the incredible Fearless Mom ministry and serve as a Guest Speaker and Mentor Mom. My husband, Billy, the cutest boy in the whole world, and I both enjoy leading Bible studies and are so grateful for the local church. We are blessed parents and grandparents! Our son Adam, and his wife, Claire, have four daughters, Liz, Caki, Ginny, and Mae. Our daughter Christie, and our son-in-law, Barry, have two children, Charlee Ann and Samuel. I am inspired by the relationships in my life, especially those of my family. My greatest blessing is seeing my children and grand-children walking in the Absolute Truth of God’s love and I desire to share this message with others! I enjoy sharing messages of God’s Hope through the written and the spoken words and am so thankful I get to be a part of the Fearless Mom team!

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